The Joy of Worship

Marianne H. Micks

Sep/2004, 100 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781596280014



Featuring an ecumenical approach to the meaning of worship, The Joy of Worship discusses the work of the Holy Spirit in worship, Jesus' own practice of worship, the importance of worshiping with others, and the practice of discipleship through personal prayer, friendship, and a rule of life. Christians have been worshiping a long time, and Micks has a rich store of wisdom and experience to draw on. Her sources are both ancient and modern, Protestant and Catholic, Orthodox, and Anglican.


Marianne Micks was a Professor of Historical Theology at Virginia Theological Seminary and the author of numerous books on theology, history, and worship, including Introduction to Theology, The Future Present: The Phenomenology of Christian Worship, Loving the Questions, and Deep Waters. Professor Micks died of 1997.

"Reading The Joy of Worship, is a little like hearing a vast and variegated garden described by someone who has long been at home in it. She knows the beds and paths laid out, why the plantings are grouped as they are, where they got their names, how well they grow in different soils, and the ways in which they change with times and seasons. She can tell stories of how each plot came to have its shape and situation, or point out aspects and features that might go unnoticed." -  Charles Hefling 

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