The Unlikely Chosen

A Graphic Novel Translation of the Biblical Books of Jonah, Esther, and Amos

Shirley Smith Graham & Earnest Graham

Oct/2008, 144 Pages, PAPERBACK, 10 x 6.75

ISBN-13: 9781596270787

A graphic novel based on an original translation of three books of the Bible: Amos, Jonah, and Esther, designed and formatted for readers from middle school to early high school. Through the stories of Amos--a shepherd called to be a prophet to people in the highest places of society in ancient Israel, Jonah--a prophet who runs from God's will, and Esther--an orphan and exiled Jew who is called to be the Queen of Persia, the reader is provided with a fascinating assortment of the kinds of people chosen by God.

These stories challenge the notion that God chooses only one kind of person, and they underscore that, rather than being favored above others, such chosen people are selected to carry out special responsibilities to God and God's world. Each story is illustrated by Earnest Graham in a unique style designed to highlight the tone and conflicts within the story.

Graphic novels continue to gain acceptance as literature and as teaching tools. The Unlikely Chosen is perfect for discussion groups, Bible study, and classroom education.

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Earnest Graham is a graphic designer and illustrator. He currently serves a congregation in Virginia. He lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Shirley E. Smith Graham is an experienced translator and interpreter of Hebrew texts. She currently serves a congregation in Virginia. She lives in Williamsburg, Virginia.

"Stirring language and stunning visuals are the order of the day, and The Unlikely Chosen meets us exactly where we are as a culture. These two scholarly priests have rendered the biblical text in emotionally vibrant and powerfully evocative words and images. Drawing on a deep theological sensitivity, the couple has gifted us with a powerful work of translation, exposition, and imagination. Their graphics and captions bring the vitality and relevance of the original Hebrew of Jonah, Esther, and Amos alive, reminding us what a sumptuous spiritual feast the First Testament lays before us."  – Stephen L. Cook, Catherine N. McBurney Professor of Old Testament Language and Literature, Virginia Theological Seminary

"Here is a fun and effective way for young people with very different reading abilities to “break open” these stories from the Hebrew scriptures and even inspire a few to create their own Bible stories. They are easy to read, the graphics are clear, and the study guides are suitable for many ages." – Beth Hammond, St. Anthony on the Desert, Scottsdale

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