To Dream as God Dreams

Sermons of Community, Conversion, and Hope

Porter Taylor

Mar/2005, 144 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9780819221650



Porter Taylor, known for his wonderful preaching, always has something unusual and thoughtful to say. "Forgive us our weeds as we forgive the weediness of others," he writes in one sermon on the parable of the wheat and the weeds. In another he reflects on why the book of Ecclesiastes shouldn't be read by anyone who isn't at least 35. "At their best," Taylor writes, "sermons are about things that matter." To Dream as God Dreams is about those things that matter: finding our home in a storm, the roots and wings we need as people of faith, contagious love, and more. These sermons about the importance of community, the need for conversion, and the power of hopefulness make wonderful devotional reading, and are an inspirational source for others who preach.

Porter Taylor has served a variety of parishes, and has a Ph.D. in literature and theology from Emory University. He is the bishop of the Diocese of Western North Carolina.

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