Tracks of a Fellow Struggler

Living and Growing through Grief

John R. Claypool

Jul/2004, 112 Pages, HARDCOVER, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819221391



John Claypool had been a pastor for almost two decades, ministering to others who suffered through the loss of loved ones, when the loss came home with the death of his eight-year-old daughter. This book is the story of Claypool’s own journey through the darkness, written through four sermons. The first was delivered just eleven days after his daughter's diagnosis of leukemia, the second after her first major relapse nine months later, and the third weeks after her death. The final sermon—a reflection on the process of grieving—was preached three years later.

The late John R. Claypool provided outstanding ministry in several leading Southern Baptist congregations prior to his ordination in the Episcopal Church. He authored many books, including Tracks of a Fellow Struggler, The Hopeful Heart, The First to Follow, and God the Ingenious Alchemist.

"Job, who also struggled with God and found him, emerged twice the person he had been. And so can we. Though our journey will be uniquely our own when the time comes, and come it will if we love at all, Claypool has left tracks. Furthermore he has not erased those places where he faltered. They are honest tracks." --The Texas Churchman


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