Transforming Scripture

Frank Wade

Nov/2008, 160 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780898695946



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At once “travel guide” and vision for the future, the Transformation series is good news for the Episcopal Church at a time of fast and furious demographic and social change. Series contributors - recognized experts in their fields - analyze our present plight, point to the seeds of change already at work transforming the church, and outline a positive new way forward. What kinds of churches are most ready for transformation? What are the essential tools? What will give us strength, direction, and purpose to the journey?

Each volume of the series will:

  • Explain why a changed vision is essential
  • Give robust theological and biblical foundations
  • Offer a guide to best practices and positive trends in churches large and small.
  • Describe the necessary tools for change
  • Imagine how transformation will look

How can we open ourselves to the transforming energy of the Bible, and how can we become biblically literate? How do we read the Bible as a “revealed text,” the Word of God, in a church and culture as diverse as ours, without pain and division? These are some of the questions Wade asks about Episcopalians and the Bible. The 21st century church has commitments to diversity and evangelism, a responsibility to interpret the meaning of life for people whose lives are longer than ever before, and a need to speak to the emerging culture of the future generations. We must allow ourselves to be transformed by Scripture as never before.

Frank Wade is the former rector of St. Alban's Church in Washington, DC, and a noted preacher and conference leader. He lives in Washington, DC.

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