True Prayer

An Invitation to Christian Spirituality

Kenneth Leech

Aug/1995, 208 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819216465



We do not create prayer,” writes Kenneth Leech, “but merely prepare the ground and clear away obstacles. Prayer is always a gift, a grace, the flame which ignites wood; the Holy Spirit gives prayer.”

Kenneth Leech is the founder of Centrepoint, one of the biggest programs for homeless youth in Europe, and former field officer for racial justice for the Church of England and community theologian at St Botolph's Church in Aldgate, London. He is the author of many highly regarded books, including Soul Friend, The Eye of the Storm, True Prayer, and the award-winning Care and Conflict.

"This is one of the most realistic and encouraging books on prayer published in a good long're in for a treat." -- Praying Magazine
"True Prayer fairly charges along, galloping triumphantly through the whole landscape of the Christian spiritual tradition."--The Living Church
"Father Leech leaves his reader with the sense that as life is a gift, so is prayer--and that the change that comes with it is a very good thing."--New Catholic World
"This magnificent book is about prayer as an ‘intensely human experience.' It is only for honest souls who are willing to confront themselves deeply within and the world without and take the consequences"--Encounter
"Kenneth Leech's book on prayer is a true treasure, an ideal introduction to the spiritual life. It not only speaks about prayer but it creates the space in the reader where prayer can grow and mature...It is a book that truly forms heart and mind."--Henri J. M. Nouwen



  • Spirituality
  • Politics
  • Conflict
  • Communion
  • Progress
  • Penitence

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