Virtual and Virtousity

A Christmas Story

Jane Barter Moulaison


ISBN-13: 9781606741504

Sit alongside two girls fixated on their technology as they discover the story of the birth of Christ via a friend’s video on the internet. A modern day conversation sets the stage for a traditional Christmas pageant.

Virtual and Virtuosity is suitable for young teens and preteens (as the main characters and Narrator), and children of all ages (to serve as the Nativity characters other than Mary and Joseph). This format allows for the easy recruitment of children who may not attend regularly, but who are willing to take on a role (such as an angel, shepherd or sheep) just prior to production.

Cast needed: 6, plus any number of ancillary roles for any age

Cast List

Lead Angel
Heavenly Host of Angels (at least 3)
Shepherds (at least 3)
Sheep, cows, and other cute barnyard animals

Time Length: 10 minutes

Age Level: Most appropriate to be performed by youth or children 

Audience: All



Jane Barter Moulaison is a teacher and priest in Winnipeg, Canada. Amadea Aasland is a high school student who enjoys reading, drama and music. Luc Moulaison is in middle school and enjoys hockey and video games. Sophie Moulaison is in middle school and enjoys most sports, especially soccer, and classic rock.

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