Vision Bearers

Dynamic Evangelism in the 21st Century

Richard Kew and Cyril Okorocha

Jul/1996, 168 Pages, PAPERBACK, 1/2” diameter with clutch back

ISBN-13: 9780819216564



Vision Bearers shows how evangelism can be found everywhere, from one-on-one relationships, preaching and small prayer groups, to healings, miracles, church-planting, and the catechumenate. The book also analyzes the challenges to Christian evangelism, including apathy, the rise of militant Islam, secularization and the youth culture. It provides a renewed vision for reaching those in the world who have yet to hear of Jesus Christ.

Cyril Okorocha is the Director for Mission and Evangelism for the Anglican Consultative Council and a former university lecturer and director of an evangelism training institute.

Richard Kew is a priest, future-watcher, and author. He is involved in online theological education, and has spent much of his ministry involved in global mission. He is also the author of Brave New Church: What the Future Holds.

"I urge you to join this adventure by reading Vision Bearers...inspired by the rich tapestry of the G-Code 2000 conference." -- Episcopal Life
"This is a book of great hope and quiet judgment. Great efforts are being made and gratifying results coming forth in parts of our communion. This book tells of some and spurs us to greater faithfulness." --The Living Church
"Vision Bearers is filled with vision and hope for the Anglican Church. The book is full of snippets of encouragement regarding what God is doing on the Anglican scene. What I like about Richard Kew and Cyril Okorocha is their analysis of world trends to show what is working and what is not." --The Rev. Graden Harvey, AFFIRM: Anglicans for Faith, Intercession, Renewal and Mission (New Zealand)
"This is the best book on evangelism for study groups that I have come across in some time. It combines reporting and exhorting in a pleasant and challenging way. It makes a genuine attempt to be honest about the realities of the world scene. No study group will remain unchanged after working its way through the 11 chapters of this Book." --Brian L. Fargher, Evangelical Missions Quarterly



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