Weaving God's Promises for Youth


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Weaving God's Promises for Youth is a comphrehensive, three-year curriculum developed exclusively for Episcopal young people aged 12-14.

Weaving God's Promises for Youth is:

  • A comprehensive, three-year curriculum: 40-50 core lessons are included for each year as well as special sessions for the Church year, holidays/feast days, and the Church and its sacraments.
  • Episcopal: Theological and historical "Episcopal Threads" are woven into each session.
  • Complete and Comprehensive: Everything you need is included.
  • Full of fun and engaging activities: There are a wide variety of activities from which to choose for each session, incorporating multiple learning styles.
  • Online: Provide leaders and teachers what they need, when they need it.

Annual access subscriptions (based on your church's average Sunday worship attendance) start at just $99 for an entire year.

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