What Can One Person Do?

Faith to Heal a Broken World

Sabina Alkire and Edmund Newell

Jan/2000, 200 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898694987



Contributors: Ann Barham, Chloe Bryer, Ian T. Douglas

What Can One Person Do? confronts a poverty-stricken world, and with clarity of purpose offers practical steps to create lasting change. Global poverty can be reduced through a series of achievable objectives: the eight Millennium Development goals agreed to by the international community at the Millennium Summit in 2000. World leaders and faith communities have adopted the MDGs, as well as the ideas found within this book--for the authors demonstrate that as shared vision grows and as these goals are accomplished, human communities shall indeed flourish.

The Rev. Dr. Edmund Newell, Chancellor of St. Paul's Cathedral and Founding Director St. Paul's Institute, holds a doctorate from Nuffield College, Oxford (economic history).

The Rev. Dr. Sabina Alkire is a priest of the Church of England, an economist, and currently works at the Global Equity Initiative at Harvard University. She holds an M.Phil in Christian ethics, and a PhD in economics, both from Oxford University.

"Good news for the poor is at the heart of Jesus' gospel. This wonderful book is for everyone who wants to share that good news but does not know where to begin. This book will tell you all you need to know about the Millennium Development Goals and whatever your interests or abilities, how you can make a difference. There is no greater act a human being can do, than help chanage another person's life for the better." --Archbishop Njongonkulu Ndugane

"If you feel discouraged, disheartened and powerless to effect change, if you are looking for a way to put your Christian faith into action, then this is the book for you." --John Hammock, The Fletcher School; Former Executive Director of Oxfam America

"With a decade left to meet these globally-agreed Goals, What Can One Person Do? can help us mobilize the Christian faith community and others in what must be a breakthrough in the struggle against the eminently solvable problem of extreme global poverty." --Carol Welch, US Coordinator of the United Nations Millenium Campaign

"Sabina Alkire, Edmund Newell, and their collaborators have given us a hopeful vision, along with a useful plan of action, that each of us can follow to extend God's reconciling love for all people." --Archbishop Desmond Tutu

"What Can One Person Do? will inspire and motivate a generation of Christian action, witness, and prayer around the preventable crisis of global poverty." --Adam Taylor, Director of Campaigns and Outreach, Sojourners

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