Starting from Zero with $0

Building Mission-Shaped Ministries on a Shoestring

Becky Garrison

Sep/2010, 168 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781596271258



Churches everywhere are suffering from draconian funding cuts, so how do leaders with a heart for alternative ministries fund their passion and build communities that will last? Journalist and commentator Becky Garrison looks deep into the experience of nearly a dozen ministries in the United States and United Kingdom—all of them geared to the growing spiritual-but-not-religious demographic, and all of them highly creative ventures doing a lot with a little money. How did these ministries start from zero with $0? And how could you?

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Becky Garrison is a prolific commentator on contemporary religious life and missional forms of church. The author of Rising from the Ashes: Rethinking Church and Jesus Died for This? A Satirist's Search for the Risen Christ, she is a contributing editor for Sojourners magazine and The Wittenberg Door.

“Those who hunger for a vision of church made new should be encouraged by this intriguing resource for the missional church. Followers of Jesus and fishers of people will find inspiration in these pages, which offer invaluable reflections on the practical, very real possibilities for institutional change.” — Sara Miles, author of Take This Bread and Jesus Freak

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