The Dream of God - Hardcover

A Call to Return

Verna J. Dozier, Foreword by Sophfronia Scott

Aug/2021, 128 Pages, HARDCOVER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640655225



A beloved teacher helps modern people live the Bible’s message more fully.

Respected teacher and author Verna Dozier explores the ways that humanity and the institutional church have strayed far from Jesus’s original message. To help us get back on track, she examines the Bible: a theological and historical record of hundreds of years in which two communities of faith (Jewish and early Christian) explored their own life experiences. Our task now is not to ask which interpretations are correct, but to ask “what did it mean to them” and “what does it mean for us?” Dozier encourages us to see Christianity not as creed or institution, but as “the vision of a new possibility for human life rooted in an ancient understanding of God and lived out by a Nazarene carpenter.”

Through adept storytelling and study, Dozier reawakens our sense of calling and our desire for truth. This new and revised edition includes a new foreword by Sophfronia Scott and a study guide.

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Verna Dozier has single-handedly revived the study of the Bible and renewed the church's understanding of the ministry of all believers. She is known all over the country and overseas for her Bible teaching, conferences, preaching, and work with lay groups in the church to strengthen their callings and ministries. She is also the author of The Authority of the Laity, The Calling of the Laity, and Equipping the Saints: A Method of Bible Study.

An Education of Ministry Interlude Title

The Dream of God is a small masterpiece, and I often recommend it. Her version of the Bible is insightful and persuasive, her writing accessible and powerful.”
—Marcus Borg

“This contemporary prophet has touched lives and transformed hearts through her books and talks. Many centuries before Verna Dozier, there was Amos, from the country, speaking out in the market square against the corrupt practices of merchants who ‘sell the righteous for silver and the needy for a pair of shoes.’ In this century we have Dozier, a black female, spreading God’s word in the nation’s capital, across the country, and outside its borders.”
—The Episcopal Diocese of Washington


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  • Discipleship
  • Bible study
  • laity
  • scripture
  • theology

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