This Must Be the Place

Reflections on Home

Milton Brasher-Cunningham

Nov/2015, 160 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780819232090



• Connects the metaphor of home that runs through the stories of our faith – the Prodigal Son, the Son of Man has nowhere to call home, heaven as home – with the deep desire to belong and to feel wanted
• Author of Keeping the Feast turns discussions about food and faith into what it means to live in community, to create home, and to feel at home

The author writes, “One of the characters in Robert Frost’s ‘Death of a Hired Man’ says, ‘Home is that place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.’ I have found that place in my marriage, around our dining room table for Thursday Night Dinners, with friends who have helped me make a mosaic out of the shards of my fractured past. Home, for me, means to belong, to feel wanted.”

As a writer, chef, and minister, Brasher-Cunningham has spoken to churches, taught cooking classes, hosted dinners, and found as many ways as possible to get people together to talk about food and faith. That discussion turns often to what it means to live life together, which is an entry point to talk about what it means to feel at home together.

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Milton Brasher-Cunningham is a writer, chef, teacher, United Church of Christ minister, small urban farmer, musician, husband, and keeper of Schnauzers, who lives with his wife, Ginger (also a United Church of Christ minister), in Durham, North Carolina. He blogs at, sharing reflections and recipes.


“This Must Be the Place: Reflections on Home gives us a generous, engaging, and trustworthy companion on our journey toward home. With his home-cooked and candid stories, Milton Brasher-Cunningham layers visions of home that are small enough to be human and large enough to hold all of us at once. The voice is perfect and the stories touching, steeped in what it means to gain a heart of wisdom. This book is essential reading in a fragmented world that has
managed to make many of us feel imprisoned and homeless at the same time.”
— Timothy B. Tyson, author of Blood Done Sign My Name

“Milton Brasher-Cunningham compels us with his personal, evocative, vivid writing that draws us into the mystery of God and the way we can all be born again . . . and again, and again.”
— Mike Stavlund, author of A Force of Will

“One of our most fundamental stories is that of finding home, the place where we are loved and known, and in This Must Be the Place, Milton Brasher-Cunningham tells that story with grace, courage, and beauty. This is a book that will feed you, body and soul.”
— Greg Garrett, author of My Church Is Not Dying and Crossing Myself


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