Imaging a Visible Church

C. Andrew Doyle

Oct/2018, 176 Pages, Paperback, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640651173



    • Popular author with broad appeal

    • New vision for shaping future church leaders

The Church’s mission is not dependent upon economic or worldly boundaries. The gospel will expand and grow where people respond to God’s grace in their lives. The Episcopal Church, along with all denominational churches, is being forced to break out of old training models and traditions of ordination in this new age of mission. The Church must rethink formation of leaders (lay and clergy) to keep up with what God is already doing in the world. Participating in God’s mission will press us to reconsider assumptions about the vocations themselves, and their shape for the future.

C. Andrew Doyle, the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, summarizes his autobiography in six words: "Met Jesus on pilgrimage; still walking." He is author of Vocatio, Unabashedly Episcopalian, Orgullosamente Episcopal, A Generous Community,and The Jesus Heist. Follow him on Twitter at @texasbishop. He lives in Houston, Texas.

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