The Way of Love for Families

Practices for a Jesus-Centered Life

Sharon Pearson


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The Way of Love is an invitation to all of us, young and old alike, to "grow more deeply with Jesus Christ at the center of our lives, so we can bear witness to his way of love in and for the world."

Following the seven practices in The Way of Love can help us grow deeper in our relationship with God, Jesus, and our neighbors as we also learn how to live into our baptismal promises. In today's world of busy schedules and hurried meals and time together, it is now more imperative that we make and take the time to center ourselves and follow the way of Jesus. This might mean revisioning and reshaping the pattern and rhythm of our daily life––finding a slice of time to center our thoughts on Jesus. Within these pages you will find ideas to engage your family, leading the way as a parent, grandparent, godparent, sibling, or mentor with children walking on The Way of Love: Practices for a Jesus-Centered Life.

As a family you may already follow a spiritual discipline of praying at meals or before bedtime, regularly reading from the Bible together, or engaging in acts of kindness toward others. If so, build upon what we offer here; if not, we offer a way to begin. Select one of the practices that interest you or that is especially important for you and your family at this time. Watch for signs in your daily life pointing you toward a particular practice. Listen for a call from God telling you how to move closer. Anywhere is a good place to start. This is your invitation to commit to the practices of Turn – Learn – Pray – Worship – Bless – Go – Rest. There is no rush, each day is a new beginning. Follow Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's call to grow in faith "following the loving, liberating, life-giving way of Jesus. His way has the power to change each of our lives and to change this world."


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