Who Was Jesus?

James D. G. Dunn

Aug/2017, 64 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780898692488



Distills a life-time of biblical research into an easy-to-understand survey of Jesus’ life, his mission, and his self-understanding.

Renowned New Testament scholar James Dunn investigates what is known about the historical Jesus and the reasons for his enormous impact—then and now.

James D. G. Dunn was Emeritus Lightfoot Professor of Divinity at Durham University, where he taught from 1982 to 2003. He authored more than twenty monographs and biblical commentaries. His most recent work is a trilogy tracing the first 150 years of Christianity, Christianity in the Making.He functioned as a Methodist Local Preacher in the United Kingdom for 40 years. He died in 2020.

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