Wisdom Walking

Pilgrimage as a Way of Life

Gil Stafford

Apr/2017, 216 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6x9

ISBN-13: 9780819233493

• Reflections and stories from four walking pilgrimages in Ireland
• Weaves in "pilgrimages" through illness, doubt, recovery
• Uses popular topics: pilgrimage, Jungian psychology, Celtic spirituality, to explore how wisdom is gained

"Everyone has taken a pilgrimage," says author Gil Stafford "Some pilgrimages are intentional: I walked across Ireland. Some are unintentional: I walked my mother through the final days of her life. Life is a pilgrimage. But, do we walk intentionally, embracing the transformational process?"

Stafford begins Wisdom Walking with the idea that life is a pilgrimage and uses this to guide readers on their own pilgrimage towards wisdom. He layers onto that idea the notion that on our pilgrimages of life we can be gaining wisdom about our lives. Stafford then adds the Jungian typology for gaining wisdom and tells all of this through stories of his own and others' pilgrimages in a very readable fashion.
Life is a pilgrimage; make yours one that leads to greater wisdom!

Audience: Individual readers interested in, and sympathetic to, the notion that life is a pilgrimage; small groups exploring life as pilgrimage; or for those dealing with life issues and the gaining of wisdom.

Gil Stafford, PhD, DMin, is Canon Theologian for the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona and assisting priest at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Litchfield Park, Arizona. Prior to being ordained a priest, he was the President of Grand Canyon University. He also had been the head baseball coach at the university for twenty years, winning three national titles. Life is a pilgrimage, and he has taken many, including walking Ireland coast-to-coast. Gil and his wife Cathy are co-founders of 2Wisdom's Way. He blogs at 4peregrini.blogspot.com.


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  • Wisdom

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