You Are Already Praying

Stories of God at Work

Cathy H. George

Feb/2013, 160 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819228536



Underscores the reality that prayer is both quiet and reflective and active and participatory

The goal of prayer is to practice it without ceasing. Focusing on the prayer lives of the laity, this book includes stories of individuals seeking to connect their faith with their work in the world. The goal of this connection is to affirm that prayer is both a quiet act of reverence and an active dynamic expressed in daily life situations at work and home. Through the stories of people at work and prayer, the book seeks to encourage an understanding of prayer as that dimension of our relationship with God equally alive at work and at play, in public and at home.

Cathy H. George, a priest for 25 years, serves in the Diocese of Massachusetts. She was a recent candidate in the episcopal elections for the Diocese of New York and Rhode Island.

"The stories of praying which Cathy George has collected for this volume are the stories of the mission and the ministry of individuals in their daily life and work and play. Cathy shows us how ordinary (and extraordinary) people live out restoring 'people to unity with God and each other in Christ.' If this is the call for you, this is a guidebook for you.

As an elected legislator, I am expected to have a special concern for the people who live in my district. These people form my constituency. In our baptism, we all inherit a constituency. When we claim the name of Christian and prefer God’s love in Jesus to life itself, we inherit the constituency of everybody else. We are called to a special relationship with God’s world, striving for justice among all people and respecting the dignity of every human being. The world. Everybody else. The other. They all are the Christian’s constituency.

This work is both intimate and huge. It requires intention, planning, action everyday. It requires prayer without ceasing. You Are Already Praying is a guide to praying without ceasing—and more. Reading this book is praying. I paused often over these pages to break out in prayer—you may find yourself doing the same."
—Byron Rushing, Majority Whip, Massachusetts House of Representatives, Vice President, House of Deputies, The Episcopal Church

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