A Faith for the Future

Church's Teachings for a Changing World: Volume 3

Jesse Zink

Jan/2016, 112 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819232595



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  • Author is a popular blogger and scholar who has traveled the world listening to Anglicans talk about God.

The New Church’s Teaching series has been one of the most recognizable and useful series of books in the Episcopal Church. With the launch of the Church’s Teachings for a Changing World series, visionary Episcopal thinkers and leaders have teamed up to write a new set of books, grounded and thoughtful enough for seminarians and leaders, concise and accessible enough for newcomers, with a host of discussion resources that help readers to dig deep.

In this third volume, scholar and priest Jesse Zink unites tradition and contemporary thinking to introduce the essentials of Episcopal theology. What’s the story of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, creation and humanity, baptism, church, Eucharist, mission, and the life after death? Find out how Episcopalians have explored those questions for centuries and discover answers—and new questions—of your own.

Each chapter takes a different aspect of Christian faith—God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Creation and Humanity, Baptism, Church, Eucharist, Mission, and the Hope of the World to Come—and links history and tradition with real world experience.

Read the first chapter here.

Jesse Zink  is a priest of the Diocese of Western Massachusetts and director of the Cambridge Centre for Christianity Worldwide in Cambridge, England. A former missionary in South Africa, he is the author of two previous books on theology, mission, and the global church (Grace at the Garbage Dump and Backpacking through the Anglican Communion). Follow his work and thoughts at www.jessezink.com.

“The Episcopal Church isn’t afraid of big questions, deep truths or the mystery and shadows in our changing world. Jesse Zink leads us to dip a toe into these deep waters, getting to know and love a faith from the past that is ready for the future.”

Andrew Doyle
Bishop of Texas and author of Unabashedly Episcopalian and A Generous Community

“Jesse Zink offers a warm and lucid introduction to the Christian faith for The Episcopal Church. He displays the open, humble, receptive, and fearless spirit of a passionate and patient evangelist. This book will inspire others to share and teach the faith.”

Cynthia Briggs Kittredge - Dean and President, Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest

“Jesse Zink is the kind of young theologian-priest who gives me hope for the future of the Christian faith as practiced in The Episcopal Church. In A Faith for the Future, he presents a succinct yet surprisingly comprehensive and theologically rich introduction to that faith. It will be a wonderful asset for confirmation, newcomers, and catechumenate courses, and helpful refresher for those of us who have been members of the church for years as we seek to live faithfully in our time and in the future.

Matt Gunter - Bishop of Fond du Lac

“This is a delightful survey of the core theological beliefs of The Episcopal Church. In a way that is engaging and relevant, Zink really does explain how our faith is a faith for the future. This is a fabulous book – for confirmations and enquirers and for the general reader alike.”

Ian Markham - President and Dean, Virginia Theological Seminary


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