Finding God (and Self) on Campus

Edited by James Franklin and Becky Zartman

Jun/2020, 176 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640652835



This thought-provoking book for college students deals with issues of faith, identity, sex, success, failure, and everything in between, through the concept of belovedness.

Every student’s story is different, they have the same questions in common. Who am I? How do I make good choices? What does it mean to be successful? How do I navigate changing relationships with my family, my peers, my significant other? And how do I do all of this faithfully while in college? All of these issues are approached through fundamental questions: “What if I really, truly believed that I was beloved beyond all measure? How would that influence who I become and what I do?”

Along with the authors, eight campus ministers from across several denominations contributed to this volume to help students navigate questions of life and faith in the world of high-pressure college campuses. Telling it like it is with wit and wisdom drawn from scripture, tradition, and life experience, this book offers profound and practical reminders of what it is to be beloved.

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James Franklin is the Episcopal Campus and Young Adult Missioner to Wake Forest University, Salem College, UNC School of the Arts, and Winston Salem State. After the military, seminary, and a brief stint in parish ministry, he answered the call to be a campus minister, where he helps create beloved community. James can usually be found in campus coffee shops meeting with students.

Becky Zartman is the Canon for Welcome and Evangelism at Christ Church Cathedral in Houston. Previously she was the Episcopal Missioner to Georgetown University. Becky’s ministry has been focused on young adulthood. She serves on the Way of Love working group, writing curricula for The Episcopal Church and Lifelong Learning at VTS, academic coaching of international seminarians, and teaching churches the spirituality of hospitality.

“Sharing wisdom, experience, and passion, chaplains from across the church invite us to consider how we are to live into our belovedness. In a rapidly changing world, in a world full of brokenness and messages of ‘not enough,’ we are invited to consider how we are each more than enough because that is how God made us and that is how God loves us. . . . Touching on many of the topics that young adults have to grapple with and inviting us to go deeper, this book is a must-have for anyone in ministry with young adults.”
—Shannon Kelly, Director of the Department of Faith Formation and Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries, The Episcopal Church

“If there isn’t a healthy Christian community on your campus, use this book to start your own. If there already is, get involved and use this book to make it even better.”
—Jason Evans, Missioner for Missional Communities, Episcopal Diocese of Texas

Introduction: An Invitation to Belovedness 

Chapter 1: Belovedness 

James Franklin

Chapter 2: Making Choices 

Stacy Alan

Chapter 3: Success and Failure 

Brandon Harris

Chapter 4: Relationships 

Olivia Lane

Chapter 5: Worship 

Jonathan Melton

Chapter 6: God Made the Rainbow 

Adrienne Koch

Chapter 7: Sex 

Samantha Clare

Chapter 8: Partying 

Ben Adams

Chapter 9: Mental Health 

David Finnegan-Hosey

Chapter 10: Holy Sh*t 

Becky Zartman

What Now? 

Appendix 1 How to Find a Campus Ministry 

Appendix 2 The Observatio 

Appendix 3 Belovedness Small Group Discussion Guide 


Meet the Contributors 

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  • college
  • faith
  • high school
  • young adults
  • campus ministry

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