Building Faith Brick by Brick

An Imaginative Way to Explore the Bible with Children

Emily Slichter Given

Sep/2014, 128 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9781606741924



Engages children with multiple learning styles using a familiar medium—LEGO® bricks

Building Faith Brick by Brick offers a culturally relevant, hands-on way to explore faith stories with a broad range of ages. It grew out of one congregation’s realization that there was a large group of first-grade boys who needed to engage in a new way of interacting with the biblical story. Knowing how much Lego® bricks continue to be popular with children, the author dug deep into the well of creativity and an enormous bin of little plastic building bricks to meld together a new way of teaching the stories of God.

This book offers the methodology as well as 30 Old Testament and 24 New Testament stories with lesson plans.

Emily Slichter Given is the Director of Christian Formation at St. David's Episcopal Church. She has a deep love for sharing the story of God with God’s youngest people—in as many different ways as possible—and has worked on both the congregational and diocesan levels for over fifteen years. She lives near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Building Faith Brick by Brick is a dynamic and palpable approach for children to encounter stories of faith in a rich new way. This acclaimed hands-on method of Christian Formation invites children’s imaginations to take flight and when this happens, the stories soon become real…block by block." —Roger Hutchison, author of The Painting Table

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