Building Faith Brick by Brick ll

An Imaginative Way to Explore the Parables

Emily Slichter Given

Jan/2019, 96 Pages, PAPER, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9781640650916

  • Follow-up to popular first volume
  • 32 new stories with lesson plans
  • Can be used at home or Sunday school

Building (no pun intended) upon the success of Building Faith Brick by Brick, Emily Slichter Given has created more lesson plans to tell bible stories in a relevant, hands-on way for a broad range of audiences.

Children of all ages have reached into the stories of God while also digging deep into enormous bins of little plastic blocks and miniature people. This second book offers the original methods, discoveries since the first volume was published, and thirty-two new stories with lesson plans based on Jesus' parables.

Christian educators, parents, grandparents, godparents - anyone who desires to engage in sharing faith with children and families- will enjoy the creativity and grace of this interactive approach.

Audience: Christian educators and schools, VBS planners, families with children

Emily Slichter Given serves as the Director of Parish Participation at Saint Thomas Church Whitemarsh in Philadelphia. She has a deep love for sharing the story of God with young people—in as many different ways as possible—and has worked on both the congregational and diocesan levels for close to twenty years. Her experience ranges from missions to mega churches. A mixed media artist and storyteller, she lives with her two daughters, Mckenzie and Scout, and a corgi-shepherd mix named Sherman.

The Beginning
New Learnings: Reflections on Building Since the Publication of the First Volume
A Brick by Brick Story: Riley
A Brick by Brick Story: Jack
A Brick by Brick Story: Laura Lee
A Brick by Brick Story: Saint Michael and All Angels After School Friends
A Case for Wondering
Finding Your Own Words: The Gift of Retelling the Story
Reading Scripture with God’s People
The Building Faith Brick by Brick Method (Revised)
Frequently Asked Questions
Parables: Simple Stories for Not So Simple Ideas
Sharing Parables in an Interfaith World
Cloth and Wineskins
Salt and Light
Two Foundations
Generous Lender
Seed Scatterer
Weeds and Plants
Mustard Seed
Measure of Yeast
Hidden Treasure and Precious Pearl
Wide Cast Net
House Owner
Master and Servant
True Friendship
Guests and the Host
Cost of Following
Lost Coin
Worldly Wealth
Merciful Actions
Day Laborers
Persistent Woman
Two Sons
Budding Fig Tree
Barren Fig Tree
Faithful and Unfaithful Servants
The Ten Bridesmaids
Righteous and Unrighteous


  • Children's ministry
  • Legos
  • education
  • Christian education
  • Christian formation

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