Buying God

Consumerism and Theology

Eve Poole

Oct/2019, 192 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640652507

  • Deeply theological review of our habits of relationship with money

Eve Poole offers us a book at once deeply theological and imminently practical. She invites us into a conversation about theology—the ways in which we attempt to understand God—and their various implications. She then shifts the conversation to consumerism, raising questions along the way as to how God might view the practice—and how we might better understand our place as Christians within that system.

Drawing on the Church's rich traditions of Social Liturgy, Buying God calls on the Christian community to renew its confidence and strength in proclaiming this good news. Uniting theoretical work on theology, capitalism, and consumerism with a scheme of detailed practical action, the book explores how we can wean ourselves off the material and on to the eternal, through prayer, example, and vibrant social action.

"Knowledgeable and accessible, as adept at exploring economics as at delineating theological method, Buying God offers a steady hand through the demands of global capitalism and the seductions of human desire. Eve Poole offers an example of how theology is always politics, and always devotional– and, at its best, both at the same time." Samuel Wells, Vicar of St Martin-inthe-Fields.

Audience: Lay and clergy leaders, seminarians, worship leaders, stewardship officers, economists, professors

EVE POOLE is a British writer. She is the Third Church Estates Commissioner, and Chairman of the Board of Governors at Gordonstoun. She has a BA from Durham, an MBA from Edinburgh, and a PhD in Theology and Capitalism from Cambridge.

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  • Consumerism
  • money
  • capitalism
  • theology

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