Celebrating the Rites of Initiation

A Practical Ceremonial Guide for Clergy and Other Liturgical Ministers

James F. Turrell

Apr/2013, 160 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9780898698756



• Newest volume in the “Celebrating” series

• Written by a well-known liturgical scholar

• Includes history, theology and practical information

Celebrating the Rites of Initiation continues the standard of scholarship set by Patrick Malloy’s Celebrating the Eucharist, and offers similar aids around issues of baptism and confirmation. It is an ideal book for students and practicing clergy who seek to strengthen their knowledge—and parochial practice—of baptismal theology.

Jim Turrell is Associate Professor of Liturgy at Sewanee. Turrell teaches courses on liturgy and on the history of early modern England. His research focuses on early modern Britain, though some of his scholarship also addresses more recent issues in Christian initiation.

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