Deacons in the Liturgy

2nd Edition

Ormonde Plater

Jun/2009, 129 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780898696349



In the Anglican churches of North America, and sometimes elsewhere, there are two complaints about deacons in the liturgy: Bishops and priests complain that deacons don’t know how to do liturgy. Deacons complain that bishops and priests won’t let them do liturgy.

The solution lies in liturgical formation, both theological and practical. This book is designed to help provide that formation for bishops, priests, deacons, and indeed for all the people of God. The introduction provides a brief history of the use of deacons in Anglican liturgies, from 1549 to the present, including characteristics and statement of purposes.

Ormonde Plater was an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church who had a passion for and understanding of liturgy. A published author of five books related to both this passion and to his love of Cajun dancing, Ormonde was columnist, writer, editor, and college English teacher. He died in 2016.

“A most useful book for every deacon (including transitional deacons) to own and use, and for every parish to have available to those who plan services.” —Open, Journal of the Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission

“Ormonde Plater may be the best known deacon in the Episcopal Church . . . In this volume . . . Deacon Plater helps the church prepare for the day when Deacons in the Liturgy is not just a title but the norm for parish celebration.” — The Rev. William H. Joyner, deacon, The Living Church

“In this revised version of his Deacons in the Liturgy, Ormonde Plater continues to capture the depth and richness in the liturgy where all the roles, of every order, are afforded their distinctive places.” —Susanne Watson Epting, director, North American Association for the Diaconate

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