Celtic Ways to Pray

Finding God in the Natural Elements

Ruth Lindberg Pattison

Feb/2022, 176 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640654303

Celtic traditions point to God in the natural elements in this refreshing take on how to pray

Where is God when we pray? Artist and priest Ruth Pattison looks to the legacy of Celtic spirituality to say God is in all of creation that surrounds us—earth, fire, water, air—and not up in the clouds. She invites the reader into a grounded spirituality rooted deep in Celtic tradition that sees everything as infused with the Spirit—including humanity.

The material will deepen the experience of worship with creative hands-on spiritual practices for the context of liturgy. It can also be used for creating the structure and substance of retreats, spiritual formation classes, and for helping parents who want to learn to pray with children.

THE REV. RUTH PATTISON is the associate rector for pastoral care, liturgy, and creative ministries at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church, in Atlanta. Her lifelong career as a parish priest has been immersed in an everyday spirituality with Celtic underpinnings of Creation and Incarnation. She uses this experience to offer, in terms that stir the imagination, practical initiatives for the person who longs to find God in ordinary life. Ruth completed the School of Celtic Consciousness with John Philip Newell and coordinated a self-directed Celtic Pilgrimage to the British Isles, culminating in Iona. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


  • spirituality
  • prayer
  • theology

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