Contemplative Knitting

Julie Cicora

Mar/2021, 168 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640652620



Learn how the meditative practice of knitting can evolve into a spiritual discipline.

One third (53 million) of American women know how to knit, and knitting is becoming increasingly popular with men as well. Many of these knitters belong to social knitting circles, charity knitting groups, or knit with others in churches, cafes—and even in bars!

This book shows how knitting creates connections and communities, and ties the repetition of knitting to the consistent recitation of prayer. It also compares the act of knitting to the spiritual journey, from starting something new to how we handle mistakes. Many people would like to incorporate a spiritual practice into their frenetic lives only to become discouraged and give up when they try. Those who knit are able to experience its calming effects and dedicate time to their craft each day.

JULIE CICORA is an Episcopal priest currently on staff at St. Mark’s and St. John’s as the Evangelist and Mission Developer in Rochester, NY. Prior to this, she was the Canon for Mission and Ministry for the Bishop of the Diocese of Rochester. She was ordained in 2000 after a lengthy career at Hewlett-Packard. She lives in Rochester, New York.

"Praying and knitting go together like love and marriage—a perfect union of heart and hands. In this beautiful book Julie Cicora takes the reader through the physical, emotional, and spiritual advantages of knitting. She unveils with grace the history of the craft and lays out a pattern for us to follow to be more intentional in our knitting prayer practice. You will love learning about knitting's history, and how knitting is a means of grace and vehicle of hope. Knitting is a gift to those of us who treasure practicality in spiritual practices and this validates my need to knit and pray at the same time. Love it!"—Becca Stevens, Founder of Thistle Farms and 2016 CNN Hero

". . . . this book is a good read, if only for its affirmation to every knitter frustrated by the stigma attached to one of life’s great pleasures: that when we knit, and enjoy it deeply, we are unlikely ever to be alone."—Church Times

“With wit, generosity, and patience, Julie Cicora offers us a masterclass in knitting and prayer. You’ll come away with a deeper sense of connection to God, yourself, and the whole creation.”— Brother Aidan Owen, knitter, writer, and guestmaster of Holy Cross Monastery, New York

"If you are a knitter, put it down long enough to read this book, then pick up your work again with deeper insights. If you don't yet knit and want a closer relationship with God, maybe this book will inspire you to begin knitting. You will likely end up with a deeper relationship with God, and you will also have all the cool stuff you make."—Gerald W. Keucher, priest, knitter, and author of Back from the Dead: The Book of Congregational Growth

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