Bead One, Pray Too

A Guide to Making and Using Prayer Beads

Kimberly Winston

Mar/2009, 192 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780898690309



An inspirational, hands-on how-to guide for making and praying with beads, for people of all faiths and traditions.

In stories and pictures, this book shows how people of all faith traditions use prayer beads as a spiritual tool and a means of expressing their creativity. Every major world religion has a tradition of praying with beads and all are explored here, including the history and use of beads and specific prayers. Describes in detail and with diagrams how to make sets of prayer beads for personal use.

Kimberly Winston is the recipient of the 2005 American Academy of Religion Award for Best In-Depth Reporting on Religion. She has written extensively on knitting as a spiritual practice, and is the author of Fabric of Faith: A Guide to the Prayer Quilt Ministry and Faith Beyond Faith Healing: Finding Hope after Shattered Dreams. She lives in Pinole, California.

"Part history, part missal and part crafting how-to, this is a treasure trove of faith and spiritual contemplation. Winston, an award-winning religion journalist, occasional PW contributor and avid beader, takes readers on a fascinating journey through the tradition of prayer beads."—Publishers Weekly

"Readers will enjoy the glimpse into the ancient, yet contemporary, path to holiness that they'll find in Bead One, Pray Too, the definitive guide to making and using prayer beads. This book is also a must-have for those who love the art and craft of beading."—

"Winston combines inspirational stories with hands-on strategies to help people of all skill levels. Line drawings accompany the beading instructions in part three. Included is a selection of blessings, prayers, and liturgies for beads."—Episcopal Teacher

"Winston provides a list of resources for beads, a bibliography broad enough for Crystals for Beginners and Garry Wills' The Rosary, and an invitation to join her on her prayer bead journey at"—Victoria Advocate

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