Crisis Leadership

Margaret Benefiel

Oct/2021, 80 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9781640654372

Recent crises have revealed the desperate need for wise, grounded leadership.

Too often, leaders have little experience and even less training in how to address crises in a way that strengthens their communities and guides them into the future. Drawing on examples from government, business, health care, non-profits, and the church, this book helps leaders in those sectors in the present crises and beyond. When a pandemic closes down churches, schools, and offices; when protests rage over racist police brutality; when everything you’ve always done as a leader becomes irrelevant, where can you turn? This book examines leaders who creatively navigated crises, drawing out principles of crisis leadership from them. 

MARGARET BENEFIEL, Executive Director of the Shalem Institute (, has served as Chair of the Academy of Management's Management, Spirituality, and Religion Group, as Co-chair of the Christian Spirituality Program Unit of the American Academy of Religion, and in various leadership roles in Spiritual Directors International. Over 3,000 executives, managers, and other leaders have participated in her seminars and courses. She lives with her husband in Greenbelt, Maryland.


  • Disaster response
  • crisis management
  • executive
  • business management
  • community

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