Daily Prayer for All Seasons

Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music

Aug/2014, 176 Pages, KIVAR

ISBN-13: 9780898699234



Daily Prayer for All Seasons [English edition]
compiled by Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music

  • Fresh new material for a daily prayer discipline
  • Approved for use by the General Convention of the Episcopal Church
  • Available in English and Spanish (separate volumes)
  • Deluxe edition available for gift giving

People in all kinds of religious traditions, including Judaism and Christianity, have been marking time with prayer for almost as long as we’ve divided the day into hours. “Praying the hours,” as it’s called, has always reminded us that God walks with us throughout each day; “praying the hours” is also a way that the community of faith comes together, whether we’re united all in one place or scattered like raindrops.

In the Episcopal Church, the Book of Common Prayer offers beautiful services for morning, noon, evening, and nighttime in a section called “The Daily Office” (pp 35-146).  Daily Prayer for All Seasons offers a variation on that theme, where a complete service covers one or two pages, thereby eliminating the need to shuffle prayer books and hymnals. Daily Prayer for All Seasons works for individuals, small groups, and/or congregations. This prayer book presents a variety of images of God, uses inclusive and expansive language for and about God, and presents a rich variety of language, including poetry, meditation, and prayers from the broader community of faith.

For all Episcopalians - and others - interested in the daily office and praying the hours.

English Print: 9780898699234
English eBook: 9780898699241

Deluxe edition: 9780898699333

Spanish Print: 9780898699258
Spanish eBook: 9780898699289

  • Nuevo material para la disciplina de la oración diaria
  • Uso autorizado por la Convención General de la Iglesia Episcopal
  • Disponible en inglés y en español (volúmenes apartes)

Apenas se comenzó a dividir el día en horas, personas de diversas tradiciones religiosas incluyendo el judaísmo y el cristianismo, han marcado el tiempo con la oración.  

La “Liturgia de las Horas”, también conocida como el Oficio Diario, nos ha recordado a lo largo de los tiempos que Dios nos acompaña a través del día.   Las oraciones del Oficio Diario proveen una manera para que la comunidad de fe se una en oración, ya esté esa comunidad reunida en un lugar común o cada individuo aparte.  

El Libro de Oración Común de la Iglesia Episcopal contiene una sección titulada ‘El Oficio Diario’ donde se encuentran hermosos servicios para la hora matutina, del mediodía, al anochecer y para la noche/vespertina (págs. 36-112). El libro, ‘Oración Diaria para Todos los Tiempos’, ofrece una versión abreviada donde un servicio completo se realiza en una o dos páginas como máximo para de esa manera eliminar el intercambio de libros de oración e himnarios. Este recurso ha sido versátilmente diseñado para ser utilizado por individuos, grupos pequeños y/o congregaciones. Provee múltiples imágenes de Dios con lenguaje inclusivo y a su vez ofrece una variedad de géneros literarios (poesía, meditaciones, y oraciones) provenientes de diversas comunidades de fe.  

Diseñado para episcopales y toda persona interesada en las oraciones del Oficio Diario y la Liturgia de las Horas.  

Edición impresa (inglés): 9780898699234

Edición electrónica (eBook inglés): 9780898699241  

Edición impresa (español): 9780898699258

Edición electrónica (eBook español) 9780898699289

Episcopalians are bound together by prayer, and when we draw those prayers from our diverse traditions and cultures, we come closer to the heart of God. "Daily Prayer for All Seasons" gives us prayers, poems and meditations in many voices to mark the hours of the day and the seasons of the year. I am grateful to the leaders from across the Episcopal Church who have collaborated on this important new set of prayers for everyday life.  
—The Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, president, House of Deputies of The Episcopal Church

A call to prayer that sounds through the hours of our days and nights, revealing God with us as the seasons turn. This generous book is simple and rich at the same time, full of beauty and shaped for use. May it open the prayer of those who pray alone and deepen the prayer of groups. 
—Sara Miles, Director of Ministry, St. Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church, and the author of Take This Bread and City of God, San Francisco, California

Daily prayer, most especially the Daily Offices, has been characteristic of the Anglican liturgical tradition for more than four centuries.  As the prayer book tradition has been reshaped by being planted in many diverse nations and cultures, the forms of daily prayer have been modified.  Daily Prayer for All Seasons marks another stage in that evolution by asserting that, even in complex and busy lives, we are still called to turn our hearts and minds to God in remembrance that our very lives are God’s first gift to us.
—The Rev. Dr. Louis Weil, James F. Hodges and Harold and Rita Haynes Professor Emeritus of Liturgics, Church Divinity School of the Pacific


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