The Emergent Psalter

Isaac Everett

May/2009, 288 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898696172



Many alternative and emerging church communities have begun exploring ancient music and liturgical traditions despite a lack of high-quality, published liturgical music which does not require (or even desire) an organ and a four-part choir. The Emergent Psalter serves to provide that resource. Featuring music written for two emerging communities (Transmission in New York and Church of the Apostles in Seattle), this book is an excellent resource for anyone producing an alternative worship service or thinking of starting one.

On Isaac Everett’s performance at the 2006 General Convention:
“The worship this morning was absolutely wonderful. The music, much of it written by Isaac Everett… was exceedingly powerful.”
—Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori


Isaac Everett is an artist-in-residence at the Church of the Epiphany in New York, a company member of Storahtelling, and the co-founder of Transmission, an underground church in New York City.

Lacey Brown has performed with Orchestra Seattle, Thalia Orchestra, Grace Experimental Orchestra, and various Seattle rock bands, among others. She is musical director at Church of the Apostles in Seattle.

J. Snodgrass, long-time collaborator with Isaac Everett, is a playwright, composer, and comic artist of Biblical stories.

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Praise for The Emergent Psalter:

One would expect a liturgical psalter with the word Emergent in the title to be a study in contrasts and it doesn't disappoint. Isaac is a scholar who understands and appreciates the tradition of psalm singing in the life of the church, but he is also eager to present psalmody in a style that is accessible. He is deeply aware of the interpretive power of musical sound but also wants tunes that worshipers will grasp intuitively. He respects the tradition of the liturgical use of psalms over the course of the Christian year but provides a resource that is flexible. Worship planners in a wide variety of cultural contexts will find The Emergent Psalter a very useful tool.                                                  

The Rev. Dr. Clayton L. Morris, Former Staff Officer for Liturgical and Spiritual Resources, The Episcopal Church Center


In keeping with many in the emerging church, Isaac has turned back to the tradition to bring something out of the treasure house of tradition and given it his own contemporary flabour. This Psalter is a huge piece of work, a labour of love. The Psalms continue to be a wonderful repertoire for worship covering a range of themes in liturgy and song that many modern song books simply avoid. I hope this Psalter helps them live again in many Christian communities.

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Isaac Everett's Emergent Psalter is clearly a work of love. Springing from the life of a young, emergent congregation, it embodies the best of old and new, and it is a sign of maturity in our important movement.

Tony Jones (, author of The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier


The Emergent Psalter invites lovers of liturgy and its renewal, regardless of their faith, to discover an ancient poem sung as a new song. Isaac Everett's passion for the psalms is matched by his careful attention to scholarly detail.

Amichai Lau-Lavie, Executive Director, Storahtelling, Inc.


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