The Great Family

Jerome W. Berryman

Sep/2014, 40 Pages, Paperback, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9781606741962



The Great Family is a visual retelling of the Godly Play lesson from The Complete Guide to Godly Play.

The book recreates the experience of hearing this seminal Godly Play story. For Christian educators, parents, grandparents, godparents—anyone who desires to engage in sharing faith and biblical stories in any setting, especially all those in the Godly Play community: trainers, storytellers, teachers, parents, and children.

Jerome W. Berryman is the founder of Godly Play and has a wide experience working with children ages 2–18. Priest, writer, lecturer, and workshop leader, Berryman is Senior Fellow of the Center for the Theology of Childhood. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Godly Play, Teaching Godly Play, Children and the Theologians, The Spiritual Guidance of Children, and Stories of God at Home. He lives in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

"In my home parish, one teacher noticed that the people of God in The Great Family have stars on them and welled up with tears. The illustrations are powerful. I know my church is planning to order multiple copies to give out at baptisms and for new families."—W. Lee Dickson, MBA, President, Godly Play Board of Directors

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