My Faith, My Life, Leader's Guide

A Teen’s Guide to the Episcopal Church

Jenifer Gamber

Sep/2014, 144 Pages, PAPER, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819229649



• Newly available in print and eBook editions

• Supports a foundational book for youth in the Episcopal Church

• Releases along with the revised edition of primary text

In addition to a book for teens, My Faith, My Life is a curriculum. With this guide, leaders can create short, intermediate, and longer programs, including confirmation sequences of six, nine, or twelve-sessions, a retreat or similar short program, or a longer study that is integrated with other current programs over the entire academic year. Filled with prayers to begin and end each session, plus a variety of activities that tap into multiple learning styles and ways to interact with the congregation, this will be a primary go-to resource for any youth leader. New material includes how to select, train, and support mentors, as well as how leaders can strengthen their own spiritual life.

With this Leader’s Guide, My Faith, My Life will continue as a trusted confirmation curriculum for the Episcopal Church.

For clergy, youth leaders, Christian educators, confirmation classes.

Jenifer Gamber is a noted speaker and retreat leader across the Episcopal Church on faith formation. She is the author of My Faith, My Life: A Teen’s Guide to the Episcopal Church, along with its Leader’s Guide (2014), and Call on Me: A Prayer Book for Young People (2012). She is enrolled in the Masters of Divinity program at Virginia Theological Seminary and lives in Washington, DC.

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