New Directions for Holy Questions

Progressive Christian Theology for Families

Claire Brown, Anita Peebles

Jan/2022, 128 Pages, Paperback, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9781640654556



Rooted in the teachings of progressive Christianity for today’s kids and parents

With accessible language, Bible stories, and connections to daily life, this book guides children and the adults who love them through the core teachings of Christianity. Kids have big questions about God and faith, and, while many of those questions don’t have one clear answer, Christians throughout the ages have given us helpful ways to think and talk about what we believe.

Each chapter includes simple spiritual practices and questions for reflection, either in solitary reading or through conversation between children and caregivers or ministers. It is oriented towards anti-racism, gender equality, economic justice, care of the environment, affirmation of LGBTQ+ folks, trauma-informed practice, and global citizenship.

Claire Brown is an Episcopal priest, writer, facilitator, and spiritual director. Claire is the author of numerous articles and book chapters, and is the co-editor of Keep Watch with Me: An Advent Reader for Peacemakers. She is a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity School, the School of Theology at Sewanee, and the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation. She lives in Athens, Tennessee.

New Directions for Holy Questions will be a go-to resource for my family. The stories, questions, and practices within these pages are sure to spark spiritual wisdom and enliven the theological imaginations of all who read them, no matter how young or old they may be.”—David M. Csinos, associate professor of Practical Theology at Atlantic School of Theology, founder of Faith Forward, and author of Little Theologians

“The ‘new direction’ that is being described in this book is the idea that adults and children can grow spiritually as they wrestle together with their responses to questions of faith. Stories from the Bible, contemporary stories of justice, and spiritual practices appropriate for all ages are on the rich menu of this imaginative resource.”—Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Caldwell, McCormick Theological Seminary, professor emerita

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