Once Upon a Time Not So Long Ago

Jennifer Grant, Illustrated by Gillian Whiting

Aug/2021, 48 Pages, HARDCOVER, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9781640654037



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The story of the COVID-19 pandemic and the changes it brought into our homes, schedules, and social lives, with journal pages to record your own memories.

Children and adults alike will be processing the shock, loss, and disappointment of the COVID-19 pandemic for years to come. This beautiful keepsake picture book captures the joys and sorrows of this time and the underlying message to readers is that they can make it through difficulty.

The illustrations celebrate love, family, and community as they were expressed all across the globe in a time that taught us the meaning of togetherness. It also includes journal pages to record your own memories about this unique and historic time and the effect it has had on your own life.

JENNIFER GRANT is the author of several books for adults, including the adoption memoir, Love You More. Her work for children includes the award-winning picture book Maybe God Is Like That Too. The mother of four and a lifelong Episcopalian, she lives in the Chicago area with her husband and rescue dog, Scarlett. Connect with her online at jennifergrant.com.

GILLIAN WHITING studied Illustration at Syracuse University. Finding passion in various art forms, recently she has focused her efforts on book illustrations. Once Upon a Time is her second published work, following A Little Blue Bottle. When she is not painting or drawing, you can find her snuggling with her two rescue Chihuahua mixes at home. See more of her art at gillianwhiting.com

“Whiting’s painted tableaux, as spare as the narrative, depict a broadly diverse cast of contemporary human figures . . . ”
Kirkus Reviews

“This book offers a powerful way for parents and children to process all that we have felt during the pandemic.”
—Matthew Paul Turner, author of When God Made You

“This book provides hope and meaning for children without glossing over the difficult facts of what happened.”
—Traci Smith, author of Prayers for Faithful Families

“Jennifer Grant’s economy of words and Gillian Whiting’s gentle, evocative illustrations combine to remind the reader that in the face of great suffering and loss, still there is hope and healing to be found.”
—Glenys Nellist, author of Snuggle Time and the Little Mole series

“Jennifer Grant encourages readers to reflect on what they’ve discovered is important as they emerge from these tough times. Illustrations by Gillian Whiting . . . portray a diversity of people and locales, reminding readers that the sickness struck across all ages, races, and locations. A beautiful book.”
—Patricia Toht, author of Dress Like a Girl

“ . . . This is a book about resilience and hope—a book about remembering. Jennifer is gentle in word and spirit - and her words, paired with the lush and evocative illustrations by Gillian Whiting, provide space for holy remembering.”
—Roger Hutchison, author of Come In, Come In!

“Thank goodness for Jennifer Grant and her truth- and hope-filled language to guide forward as we look back. A terrific resource for kids and adults alike.”
—Caryn Rivadeneira, author of the Helper Hounds series

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  • resilience
  • children
  • trauma
  • pandemic

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