One-Minute Stewardship

Creative Ways to Talk about Money in Church

Charles Cloughen Jr.

Jun/2018, 200 Pages, PAPER, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9781640650084



An innovative approach to an issue that makes many uncomfortable

Much has changed in the 21st-century world of stewardship. Now a person may use electronic funds transfer or use a credit card after clicking on a website link instead of dropping a check in the offering plate. Stewardship witness videos can be linked to the church's website. One-Minute Stewardship is designed to promote the development of a meaningful theology of giving in a new age. These short reflections, indexed by Scripture, theme, event, and lectionary, can be included in weekly parish e-mails, newsletters, weekly bulletins, or read as an invitation to the offering during worship. The book addresses the issue of designated giving, which is usually separate from general stewardship appeals and is designed to empower clergy and lay leaders to promote the message of good stewardship every Sunday of the year.

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Audience: clergy, lay leaders, vestry, seminaries, stewardship committees

Charles Cloughen Jr. has been an Episcopal priest for more than 48 years, serving in parishes in Rhode Island, Connecticut, Texas, and Maryland. He is presently the Director of Planned Giving for the Diocese of Maryland.




“The way of love is a way of life centered not on self alone or primarily, but on God, others and the world that belongs to God and that has been greatly placed into our care. Charles Cloughen’s new book offers some practical ways to live out that truth, with powerful and inspiring contributions from leaders throughout the Church.”
—The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

"I am retired but wish I had this book when I was in parish ministry. I would keep it on my desk as a resource surely as helpful as other meditations, being deeply grateful for the depth and breadth of Cloughen’s contribution to parish conversations about stewardship."
—Rev. Gail Cafferata, Anglican Theological Review, April 2021

"Charles Cloughen tackles the challenge of stewardship for our moment in One-Minute Stewardship: Creative Ways of Talking About Money in Church. The clarion call - that stewardship is a year-round venture - is important for fundraisers at every size of church. Cloughen has assembled reflections from thinkers and leaders that will appeal to every reader. The helpful layout of his work makes it easy for a stewardship volunteer or professional to pick up practical wisdom tailored to the liturgical season or giving program (annual giving programs; planned giving; special gifts)."
―Joseph R. Swimmer, Executive Director, The CEEP Network

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Fr. Charles Cloughen for pouring his years of ministry and stewardship experience into this practical, spiritual, easy-to-read and easy-to-use resource for talking about money in church.  This book is like a good cookbook–something you can refer to and use to create a wonderful menu of generosity for your congregation. Get it. Use it. And enjoy the results!"
—Yvonne Jones Lembo, Regional Gift Planner, ELCA Foundation, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 

"One Minute Stewardship is the book every person charged with leading generosity in their parish should have. In fact, it's the perfect gift to anyone who has agreed to work on stewardship and generosity in their parish/mission. The book starts with succinct guidance in key areas of congregational generosity. Following that guidance is absolutely essential if you are a rector and is very helpful if you are volunteer. Then Charles has compiled inspiring reflections from church leaders, both lay and ordained. These reflections are well written and inspirational. This is a "must have" book for every congregational leader."
—Rick Felton, Executive Director , The Episcopal Network for Stewardship

"One Minute Stewardship attests that gratitude is the beginning and the end of grace-filled living. The assemblage of wise voices on stewardship in this book will be a valued and generative resource for many congregations."
—Rev. Dr. Walter Brueggemann, Professor Emeritus, Columbia Theological Seminary

"One Minute Stewardship is a thoughtful collection of some of the greatest theologians' and practitioners' reflecting on God's grace and our response of gratitude."
—Pam Wesley Gomez, Berkeley Divinity School at Yale

"This book should be a weekly resource in churches as they seek to grow generosity and an understanding of what it is to be a disciple of Christ."
—Rev. J. Clif Christopher, President and Founder, Horizons Stewardship Co.

"One Minute Stewardship is a must read for clergy, seminarians and persons responsible for encouraging others to discover the joy of giving as an act of worship, building discipleship, and developing a culture of generosity in the local church."
—Rev. Melvin Amerson, Texas Methodist Foundation

"This work reminds us that stewardship is about seeking right relationship with God, from whose generous providence we receive life itself, and everything that sustains us."
—The Right Rev. Chilton Knudson, Assistant Bishop, Diocese of Maryland

"This book will help us move beyond the annual stewardship campaign by providing succinct messages that can be used year round, encouraging us in our call to live full-time as stewards in all areas of our Christian lives."
—The Rev. Steve Carlsen, Dean and Rector, Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, Indiana

"One Minute Stewardship offers both practical wisdom and theological insight into how churches can increase the financial resources they need to fund their vision and participate in God's mission in their communities. What a joy!"
—The Rt. Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, Bishop of Maryland

“Stewardship and fundraising often strike fear in the hearts of clergy and lay leaders. But it doesn’t have to be that way especially if you approach this essential ministry in a direct, innovative and spiritually grounded way. And that’s what Charles Cloughen’s new book is all about. Charles has dedicated his entire career to building up financial resources to enable the church to actively engage in God’s mission in the world. He has incredible passion and energy for this important work. One-Minute Stewardship is an invaluable resource for all parish leaders who want to embrace and celebrate stewardship all year round in new and creative ways.”
—Donald V. Romanik, President, Episcopal Church Foundation

“Stewardship is a topic that strikes fear into most Episcopalians, lay and ordained.  “One Minute Stewardship” is a crucial part of the vaccine against that fear and an inspiration to those who need a little nudge to get beyond it.   I cannot thank Charles Cloughen enough for keeping this hope alive.  I highly recommend this book for all those striving to convert this fear to a joy of abundance and life.”
—Greg Rickel, Bishop, Diocese of Olympia

“It was a pleasure to offer a couple of pieces for this delightful collection of very brief stewardship meditations. Seeing the line-up of contributors is humbling, as Fr. Cloughen has lined up an impressive array of writers. The many one-minute meditations are gems, and they are ungirded by clear, practical, accessible teaching on stewardship. This book shows the wisdom of decades of Fr. Cloughen’s ministry in the church. I was honored to have a small part in it.”
—Scott Gunn, Executive Director, Forward Movement

"Some say the Church is dying and some that it is thriving.  I myself believe She is simply molting.  What She will look like when She emerges from the cocoon nobody knows.  But we do know, but we will still need philanthropy to fund it.  

This book is a valuable tool at a time when such tools are sorely needed in the Church. Clergy are often not being trained in the non-profit side of their work and can be resistant to discussing money with their congregations. Charles has spent his life curating this conversation around Church stewardship and this book is but one more valuable tool in a Chirch much desirous of money while  woefully lacking in tools for the task of asking for it in order to fund mission. Please use this tool.  Raise money for a meaningful mission."
––Charles LaFond, Episcopal Priest, Potter, Author and Fundraiser

"Practicing gratitude in community isn't rocket science, and yet the balance sheets of many churches and non-profit organizations reflect that we do not do it well. One-Minute Stewardship is an amazing resource for those who would like to do better. Building on a theological framework that casts all mission and ministry as stewardship of God's abundance, clergy and non-profit leaders from a variety of contexts offer short and compelling, timeless and fresh stories that can be easily applied to stewardship's practice. To quote the author, "Thank you, thank you, thank you" Charles Cloughen, Jr. for this resource that will transform its readers communities to look more like the Kingdom of God. What could be a greater gift in a world that desperately needs to experience the grace and power of stewardship done well!"
––The Rev. Dr. Laura Sheridan-Campbell, Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Carlsbad, CA

"One-Minute Stewardship is a thoughtfully written, engaging book, full
of the extensive wisdom and experience of its author. The varied and inspirational meditations — a gem of a collection — are arranged thematically under the headings Stewardship, Giving, Special Occasions and Planned Giving. An excellent set of indexes makes the selection of a suitable meditation for any day of the church year an easy proposition. This is a wise, user-friendly and deeply practical book."
—Shelley Cook, Episcopal Journal

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