Across the Threshold, Into the Questions

Discovering Jesus, Finding Self

Caren Goldman, Ted Voorhees

Oct/2008, 165 Pages, Paperback, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819222558



Offers reflections on how the words of a first-century Jew can offer meaning, hope, and wholeness to readers today.

Across the Threshold, into the Questions includes new encounters with Jesus and his parables and teachings from the Gospel stories in Mark, Matthew and Luke. This volume continues to build the strong foundation needed for another volume that uses Goldman and William Dols' method to explore the non-canonical Gospel of Thomas.

Caren Goldman is an award-winning author, retreat leader, consultant, and journalist who specializes in writing about spirituality, psychology, health, religion, and the arts and humanities. Across the Threshold, Into the Questions: Discovering Jesus, Finding Self was cowritten with her husband, Ted Voorhees, an Episcopal priest and also a professional writer and retreat leader. She lives in Florida and North Carolina.

Ted Voorhees, an ordained minister, has served congregations in North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, and Massachusetts. He has written for Forward Day-By-Day and is an associate editor and regular contributor to The Bible Workbench. He lives in Elkton, Florida.

"The trouble with Jesus is that he refuses to stay where you put him. Just when you thought he was safely confined to the pages of Scripture, Goldman and Vorhees have gone and let him out. In Across the Threshold and Into the Questions, this freed Jesus will walk across the threshold of your life and make his stories become your stories. Then your life won't stay where you put it either. Open this book at your own risk!"—Rev. Anne Robertson, Executive Director Massachusetts Bible Society

"Across the Threshold, Into the Questions by Caren Goldman and Ted Voorhees is a thought-provoking book. From the first words of the first chapter – indeed from the introduction – I found myself underlining insightful sentences and scribbling notes to myself of things I wanted to think about more deeply. The authors’ penetrating open-ended questions are an invitation to interact with the gospel characters in a new and deeper way. Their personal stories show how the age-old tales are relevant today, and their choices of quotations allow the reader to see how people through history have engaged these same questions. I love this book. It will be excellent for discussion groups as well as individual reading and thought."—Karen L. Oberst, author of But I Tell You, Jesus Introduces a Better Way to Live

“Jesus: loving to outsiders, hard on insiders. A poet of existence, a visionary of God’s plan for the world, a lover, a nose-thumber, a party-lover, a life-laugher, hard-driven, to the point, clear-eyed, kept his goal before him, did not compromise with the System, but exposed it for what it was, walking into its maw, sure that by swallowing him the System would poison itself, dying from a surfeit of health. Ready to die for truth, to set people free. Care to explore?”—Walter Wink, Professor Emeritus of Biblical Interpretation, Auburn Theological Seminary

“The readings, questions, and reflections on every page invite the reader to cross that inner threshold, inviting serious self-discovery, and opening new possibilities for transformation.”—Rev. D. Andrew Kille, PhD, editor of The Bible Workbench and co-editor of Psychological Insight into the Bible: Texts and Readings

“Rewards the reader who is willing to go deeper into questions about Jesus and about oneself…can open a world of spiritual dynamic.” —The Rt. Rev. William E. Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, retired, and President of United Religions Initiative

“For believer, non-believer, and skeptic, a wonderful companion for the journey…I will turn to this book over and over again in sermon and class preparation, as well as for my own prayer and contemplation.”—The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, and author of Interrupted by God: Glimpses from the Edge

“This book is packed with possibilities, so take your time with it: no rush! Wander through it, savor it, have a mirror handy, and expect surprises.” —John Beverley Butcher, author of The Tao of Jesus and Telling the Untold Stories

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