A User's Guide to Baptism and Confirmation

Christopher L. Webber

Jan/2006, 64 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9780819222145



Baptism and Confirmation – the Christian rites of initiation – have to do with identity, community, and eternal life. They’re not just ceremonies marking church membership – the meaning of these sacraments is far more radical than that. They’re ways of saying that we know who we are: We’re made in God’s image and called to belong to God forever.

This guide will help readers – newcomers, seekers, parents preparing to present their children for Baptism, confirmands, and even long-time parishioners – to understand and appreciate the Baptism and Confirmation, and the central role they play in the lives of Christians. Provided here is an introduction to the Baptismal Covenant, as well as a step-by-step guide through the rites of both sacraments.  Readers will find running commentary on the rite, with facing pages containing the text from the Book of Common Prayer. Other useful features are glossaries and lists of resources for further reading.

Christopher L. Webber is an Episcopal priest who has led urban, rural, and overseas parishes. In addition to Welcome to the Christian Faith, he is the author of The Vestry Handbook, Love Came Down, A Time to Turn, Welcome to Sunday, Welcome to the Episcopal Church, A Traveler's Prayer Book, An American Prayer Book, and co-author of A Year with American Saints. He lives in San Francisco.

"A User's Guide to Baptism and Confirmation will help readers understand Baptism and Confirmation and the role both play in the life of the congregation. They remind new and long-time members that they are created in God's image and belong to God forever."--Episcopal Teacher, Fall 2006

"This guide will help readers-newcomers, seekers, parents preparing to present their children for baptism, confirmands, and even long-time parishioners-to understand and appreciate baptism and confirmation, and the central role they play in the lives of Christians."-The North Carolina Disciple, September / October 2006.

"While this book is brief, there is much useful information for both clergy and laity and for those who wonder why we do what we do."--Episcopal Life, February 2007


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