A User's Guide to the Holy Eucharist Rites I & II

Christopher L. Webber

Jul/1997, 96 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780819216953



Become a full partner in the worship of God using these guides, which illuminate the theology, history, and practical concerns of each part of the liturgy.

These two new guides are designed to help newcomers, confirmation classes, and lay members understand and appreciate the Episcopal liturgy. They invite the person in the pew to participate in the service, not merely as a spectator, but as a full partner in the worship of God in community.

Developed specifically to address the needs of inquirers and others not familiar with the Book of Common Prayer, each volume provides an easily accessible introduction to the liturgy. They provide running commentary on the major services of the Prayer Book on pages facing the text along with glossaries and lists of books for further reading.

CHRISTOPHER L. WEBBER is an Episcopal priest, who has led urban, rural, and overseas parishes. He is a graduate of Princeton University and General Theological Seminary. In addition to Welcome to the Christian Faith, he is the author of many other books and several hymns. He lives in San Francisco and gives workshops and lectures on his writings.

"...provides introductory commentary on the major liturgical services of the Book of Common Prayer...historical notes as well as customs of Episcopal worshipers... glossaries, suggestions for further reading, and indexes. Every parish will want to keep a supply of these two on hand for newcomers and study groups." --The Living Church
"These are, as indicated by the title, user's guides. They presume the reader has the Book of Common Prayer to which to refer. Even without that, however, these might be helpful to all Modern Liturgy readers because they offer an invitation to the ‘why' of daily prayer. They give an accurate, if brief, history of Christian prayer, daily worship (the Hours) and the Eucharist from earliest times, through the Reformation and up to today. They describe the ‘structure' of Christian prayer and baptism and tell us why things are done as they are. The ‘theology' may be Anglican, but Roman Catholic readers will find nothing to object to." --David O. Brown, reviewing for Modern Liturgy, Vol. 25, No. 4
"Calm, lucid, scholarly explanations are the preferred order of the day as these two slim volumes from longtime priest Christopher Webber nicely demonstrate. The two volumes represent in book form what the church calls an ‘instructed' service. Each walks us through an entire service, with running commentary facing the pages reproduced from the Prayer Book. Webber pauses long enough to explain, simply and concisely, the liturgical background or spiritual import of a certain word, prayer, or gesture. He knows instinctively how to satisfy the inquirer's curiosity and piety...Webber is an exceptional mentor. He provides insights that are both eloquent and profound into the ultimate purpose behind any such religious rite, which is ‘to provide opportunity for every Christian to offer each day to God.'" --Princeton Alumni Review
"What the books say will be useful to those coming new to the Book of Common Prayer and will give a true feeling of prayer book spirituality." --Open: Associated Parishes for Liturgy & Mission
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  • Episcopal Church
  • Liturgy
  • Book of Common Prayer
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