101 Reasons To Be Episcopalian

Louie Crew

Feb/2003, 120 Pages, PAPERBACK, 4 x 6

ISBN-13: 9780819219251



"The Episcopal Church is a secret too well kept," says compiler Louie Crew. "Many are starved for what we experience daily and too easily take for granted." With these words, Crew invited thousands of people online to participate in creating a list of reasons to be Episcopalian. Portions of that list, and many additional contributions, fill this charming, pocket-sized celebration of the Episcopal Church.

These 101 thoughtful, poignant, and sometimes humorous responses not only entertain but also teach about the Church's gifts. From the beauty of its prayer and liturgy to its inclusiveness and its reliance on Scripture, tradition, and reason in balance with one another, there is much to celebrate in the Anglican/Episcopal tradition. 101 Reasons to be Episcopalian makes the perfect gift for confirmands, newcomers, and anyone interested in dialogue about why we are Episcopalians.

Louie Clay (né Louie Crew), PhD, who took his husband’s surname upon their legal marriage in 2013, was born in Anniston, Alabama, in 1936. In 1971 he founded Integrity, a group that has taken leadership in transforming The Episcopal Church’s stance towards LGBT people, and has remained an active campaigner for this and other causes. He earned a PhD in English literature from the University of Alabama (1971), and is professor emeritus of English at Rutgers University. He is the author of four published volumes of poetry. Louie and his husband live in East Orange, New Jersey. Louie Crew Clay  has served as a member of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church (2000-2006), an Episcopal Communicator, and the manager of several large e-mail lists for the Church

"Number 79 is lovely. 'We eat, drink, and are merry, for we live in the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ.' No. 22 begins: "I love Anglicansim for its basic humanity, its sense of decency and order, its freedom of thought and its insistence on the corpus of faith." No. 100 is my favorite: " There's no such thing as a politically incorrect Episcopalian." No. 2 sums up: "From smells and bells to speaking in tongues -- we have it all." Read the other 95 profound, humorous, long and short comments from your friends and neighbors in pulpit and pew, compiled from Mr. Crew's "impromtu contest," which began when he asked online, "What do you like about the Episcopal Church?"
—Patricia Nakamura, The Living Church, June 1, 2003

"101 Reasons to be Episcopalian is a charming selection of pithy, heartfelt, and often witty contributions by clergy and laity. The total effect of these varied and provocative contributions, emphasizing variety, is not a fragmented view of a church one writer calls "crazy" and another calls "loony", but rather a curiously coherent portrait of a congregation bound both by tradition, custom, and Scripture on the one hand, and by flexibility, humility, and diversity on the other.... Clearly, what makes the Epsiscopal Church unique isn't really the humor, the history, the customs, the liturgy, the diversity, or the disagreements. It's the combination of all these things in a community of feeling that resonates within those who choose to join it." -- those who have reasons for being Episcopalian.

"This wonderful little volume is fun to read and educational at the same time....a great book to use in adult-education situtations where groups could have fun and at the same time learn a lot and have good discussion....great fun and a thought-provoking collection."
—Donald S. Armentrout for Sewanee Theological Review

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