Vestments for All Seasons

Barbara Dee Baumgarten

Dec/2002, 144 Pages, PAPERBACK, 8.5 x 11

ISBN-13: 9780819218667



Vestments—the robes, stoles or other items worn by clergy, or cloths used at the altar—not only add beauty to a worship service, but are visual clues to the liturgical season and to the tone of a particular service. The most beautiful and meaningful vestments are often those made for a particular priest, serving in a specific sanctuary. But many shy away from trying to sew vestments, which seem too complicated and difficult to make.

In Vestments for all Seasons, Barbara Baumgarten demystifies the making of vestments—from designing and fitting patterns, to fabric and color selection, to putting on the finishing touches. She provides patterns and directions for producing special vestments for Advent and Lent, Easter, and Pentecost, and general instructions for designing and making vestments completely from scratch. A history of the development of vestments from Roman times to the present is included, as well as a full glossary describing the various vestments worn by clergy.

Barbara Dee Baumgarten seeks to understand the relationship between visual art and theology. She has a Ph. D. in Theology and the Arts from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. She is also a quilter, and teaches quilting to others.

Barbara lives with her family in Santa Paula, California.

"Dee Baumgarten ariculates the mystique surrounding these garments, while demystifying the process for sewing them..Those creating vestments will find direction from start to finish, as well as inspiration for creating original designs."--Susan Voigt-Reising, Sew News, October 2003.
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