Grounded in God, Revised Edition

Listening Hearts Discernment for Group Deliberations

Suzanne G. Farnham, Stephanie A. Hull, R. Taylor McLean

Aug/1999, 120 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 x 7 1/2

ISBN-13: 9780819218353



This powerful, prayerful, and practical guide teaches groups a whole new way of conducting meetings and reaching consensus. Whether your group, committee or board is secular or religious, its members can now move beyond parliamentary procedure to a higher level using the model described here. Rooted in scripture, Grounded in God energizes and inspires.

Learn how to incorporate creative silence, imagination, intuition, attentive listening, scripture, and prayer into routine meetings, decision making, or working retreats. By opening up to new perspectives, discover that the first order of business is to become attuned to God’s presence within those assembled.

As members of the group become receptive to alternative viewpoints, they are opened to tap into the flow of divine wisdom and align with the will and mind of God. The results can be both spiritual and practical as they are put into action.

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Suzanne G. Farnham is the founder of Listening Hearts Ministries and a popular speaker and retreat leader. She is co-author of Listening Hearts and Grounded in God, as well as the Listening Hearts Manual for Discussion Leaders and other Listening Hearts resources. The founder of Listening Hearts Ministries, she leads retreats and discernment training programs throughout the country.

R. Taylor McLean is an active lay leader in Baltimore and serves as President of the Listening Hearts Ministries Board of Trustees.

"Getting familiar with the precepts laid out in Grounded in God would give any cleric or other church leader a solid blueprint for guiding groups involved in doing the business of the Church. What a radical little book. What a wonderful book. What a terrific title! The words grounded in God' encompass the foundational creative and nurturing spirit that listening hearts' discernment holds aloft as a beacon to light the way." -- Virginia Episcopalian
"Ideas and helpful suggestions for groups discerning community and wishing to move in new directions. One of the strongest elements is its keen awareness that many long for spiritual growth and nourishment even as they work on the business concerns of the church. Appendices on listening consensus, sample agenda and planning meetings. Annotated bibliography." -- The Living Church
"For all who yearn to be delivered from duty-driven, clock-watching, parliamentary-precise but prayerless church meetings, here is a call to a better way. This is a small volume, concise, and insightful. It does not pontificate but invites. It gently creates energy and hopefulness." -- Provident Bookfinder
"More than many other tools for pastoral leadership, the approach taken in these simple "midrashes" on scriptural and spiritual discernment is very powerful, whether for use by a Commission on Ministry in discerning vocations to ordained ministry or by a Rector and Vestry in discerning parochial leadership and vision. I believe this methodology (paradigmatically so old, yet ever new), when consistently applied over the long term, will transform the church's way of "doing business". --The Rev. Michael J.R. Tessman, Nashotah House
"Grounded in God is a book that will deepend and enliven the faith journey for individuals and congregations. It richly deserves not merely to be read but to be used."--Parker J. Palmer is an independent writer and teacher whose most recent books include The Active Life and To Know as We Are Known.
"I don't know anything comparable in the English language of the late 20th century"--retired Bishop John Coburn
"Grounded in God is reaffirming for the intuitive of spirit and refreshing for the analytical of mind."--The Graduate Theological bookstore, Berkeley, CA, September 1996



  • Pastoral Care
  • Spirituality
  • Discernment

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