Reweaving the Sacred

A Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged Congregations

Carol J. Gallagher

Apr/2008, 144 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898695885



Ideal growth and development tool for small congregations in all mainline denominations

Simple, clear exercises and techniques to help leaders and members pinpoint problems and claim and identify gifts and values of their shared history, in order to engage in a ministry of renewal, welcome, and growth

Topics include:

  • Relationships and Identity - understanding the starting point for rebuilding and outreach
  • Grief and Healing - unpacking concerns that might be inhibiting growth
  • Providing Safety and Security - engendering trust, beginning with leaders
  • Inviting Growth - plans and exercises to cultivate invitation and inclusion of newcomers
  • Understanding Gifts through Storytelling - helping leaders identify their future through variety of teaching and learning styles.

Carol Gallagher is the former bishop suffragan of the Diocese of Southern Virginia. She is the first American Indian (Cherokee) female bishop in the Episcopal Church. She is currently Assisting Bishop of North Dakota. She is the author of Reweaving the Sacred: A Practical Guide to Change and Growth for Challenged Congregations.

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