The First to Follow

The Apostles of Jesus

John R. Claypool, edited by Ann Wilkinson Claypool

Apr/2008, 160 Pages, HARDCOVER, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819222961



Edited by Ann Wilkinson Claypool

By studying those whom Jesus selected as apostles and what he did for them, to them, with them, and through them, we can learn much about how we experience the holy in our own day. This book is about those apostles, their relationships with Jesus, and with each other, and what the dynamics of that community can teach us.

The late John R. Claypool provided outstanding ministry in several leading Southern Baptist congregations prior to his ordination in the Episcopal Church. He authored many books, including Tracks of a Fellow Struggler, The Hopeful Heart, The First to Follow, and God the Ingenious Alchemist.

"This book consists of a series of sermons about the apostles of Jesus. They were delivered at St. Luke's Church, Birmingham, Alabama, where John Claypool was rector, and elsewhere, and collected and edited by Ann W. Claypool, the author's widow. His chapter on Thaddeus, "the forgotten saint," is intriguing. This little book is a gem.—The Living Church, June 22, 2008

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