The Songs of the Mothers

Messages of Promise for the Future Church

Joe Morris Doss

Aug/2002, 317 Pages, PAPERBACK, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9780898693805



"The Songs of the Mothers is a powerful restatement of the church's mission in terms of the biblical witness of two women, two mothers. The songs they sang (1 Samuel 2:1-10a and Luke 1:46-55), so similar and yet so different, provide the background for this author's fresh and challenging evaluation of classical theological material. Joe Doss writes from a radical (but not secular) viewpoint, and from this stance he offers a new vision of the church's future that is firmly based in scriptural and catholic orthodoxy. He calls us to move beyond the competitive individualism that is still the legacy of the late Middle Ages and the Enlightenment and to recover a corporate understanding of reality that even has traces of sacramentalism and transcendence. Here he shows us deeper Christian dimensions of such themes as justice, mission, ministry, and community. The Songs of the Mothers speaks to a church that is always dying and always in the process of reformation and rebirth."
--J. Robert Wright, D.Phil.
St. Mark's Professor of Ecclesiastical History
General Theological Seminary
New York, New York

"The Songs of the Mothers is a very attractive, sometimes challenging and unconventional set of meditations, drawing together Scripture, church history, and theological speculation in a rich imaginative harmony."
--Rowan Williams
Archbishop of Canterbury

Joe Morris Doss, retired Bishop of New Jersey, has served parishes in Louisiana and California. He enjoys a national reputation as a liturgist and as a champion of minorities, women, and children. An attorney with a background in civil rights, Bishop Doss was the founding president of Death Penalty Focus, the founding chair of the National Center for AIDS in San Francisco, and served with distinction on the Episcopal Church's Commission on Criminal Justice. Under the auspices of the Episcopal Church's Fund for World Relief, he helped organize a freedom boatlift to Cuba in 1980. His book, Let the Bastards Go: From Cuba to Freedom Aboard God's Mercy, is available from Louisana State University Press.


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