The Womb of Advent

Mark Bozzuti - Jones

Aug/2007, 125 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 9780898695670



This talented and imaginative writer offers a unique perspective on the season of Advent. Along with Scripture readings and prayers, he offers four weeks of meditations that focus on the growth of Jesus in the womb of Mary as he approaches the day of his birth, learns his mother's voice, responds to the presence of light and dark, and begins to position himself for birth. What does this teach us about our own spiritual journey through Advent? That waiting and preparation is essential to the Christian life. By reflecting on our own birth experiences and Jesus's own progress through the womb, Christians learn how to remain intimate with God, how to approach the light, and how to get ready for new birth in Christ.


Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones is the priest and director of spiritual formation of Trinity Church Wall Street’s Retreat Center in West Cornwall, Connecticut. He is an avid reader, award-winning author, and popular speaker, and has taught at elementary and university levels. A former Jesuit priest, Dr. Bozzuti-Jones has missionary experience in Belize, Brazil, and Guyana. He lives in West Cornwall, Connecticut.



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