Traces of God

25th Anniversary Edition

Diogenes Allen --Foreword by Ellen Charry

Sep/2006, 114 Pages, PAPERBACK, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

ISBN-13: 9781596270312



"Diogenes Allen has done us the service of writing this book, which is at once theologically substantial and genuinely popular."
St. Luke's Journal of Theology

"Good Christian apologetic, written with graceful modesty, aimed at real problems of belief and conduct, and informed by a wide-ranging philosopher's mind."
Theology Today

"This little book is a treasure. I commend it partly for its obvious literary merit as a wonderfully effective short treatment of its subject."
Reformed Journal

Diogenes Allen is the former Stuart Professor of Philosophy at Princeton Theological Seminary and an Episcopal priest. He is known as one of the greatest Christian philosophers and apologists of the late twentieth century, whom many have compared to C.S. Lewis. Other books include Temptation, Steps Along the Way, Quest, and Spiritual Theology: The Theology of Yesterday for Help Today.

The 25th anniversary edition of this classic book was written by Christian scholar and philosopher Diogenes Allen for a wide popular audience. Allen examines the problem of human suffering and helps us to understand the ways that we can discover "traces of God" in the world even as we suffer from physical pain and loss, natural disaster, and human evil. Written for beginners in the spiritual life, Traces of God describes how we can prepare ourselves for the inevitable sufferings of life. Allen explores the human pilgrimage through adversity and takes a close look at Simone Weil's studies of affliction.

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