Talking God

Preaching to Contemporary Congregations

Albert R. Cutié

Apr/2016, 144 Pages, Paperback, 5 x 7

ISBN-13: 9780819232694



What does it mean to preach to a 21st century congregation?

Today’s church has a digital dilemma: We live in an age where “new media” is inescapable, yet many still perceive these new forms of communication as either an unmanageable challenge or at odds with the mission of the church. Clergy and lay leaders alike can be at a loss as to what methodologies, practices, and adjustments are necessary to engage today’s congregations. How can we effectively meet the challenges of our present context?

In Talking God, Fr. Cutié, whose wide following spans both traditional and new media, starts where preaching the gospel has always started, with a preacher and an audience, and examines the challenges digital communications pose to all involved in the craft of preaching, including the way contemporary audiences receive and listen to the message preached. Is the 21st century church responding to this evolution by seeking to understand the present-day "listening context" and the often overwhelming "media culture" in which it is called to preach? Must preachers and teachers of the Word of God evolve in style and practice to continue being effective communicators of the gospel? Has the world changing around us changed our methodology or even our message?

Father Albert R. Cutié (known as "Padre Alberto") has had the special privilege of entering millions of homes throughout the world through a variety of television and radio programs, as well as via his books and advice columns, and he is the first member of the clergy to conduct a daily "talk show" broadcast to a national and international audience. Ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1995, Father Albert joined the Episcopal Church in 2009 and now serves as Rector of St. Benedict's Church, Plantation, Florida, where he lives. He is the author of Real Life, Real Love /Ama de Verdad, Vive de Verdad, a self-help book which became a bestseller in Spanish, and Dilemma, a candid and controversial memoir.

"In Talking God, master communicator Albert Cutié offers preachers of all stripes important and provocative insights as well as practical ideas to make sermons live and breathe, enabling us to connect with this generation in fresh, meaningful ways—so that the gospel can truly come alive.—The Rev. Peter M. Wallace, producer and host, “Day1” radio program, and Episcopal priest

"Cutié’s book is a helpful one to those interested in thinking about the craft of preaching and how it is changing...the questions Cutié raises are important ones for preachers and the future of the church." —Rev. Adam Trambley is Rector at St. John’s Episcopal Church, Sharon, PA

“’In order to preach the good news effectively . . . we must become master communicators.’ In this highly accessible and practical book, Fr. Albert Cutié serves as an impressive guide in how to do it. For both those who preach and those who hear, this is an excellent resource, one that will be well worth a second reading . . . and third, and fourth!”—The Rev. C.K. Robertson, Canon to the Presiding Bishop for Ministry Beyond The Episcopal Church

“As his bishop and one who has observed his work for several years both here in America and in Latin America, I have witnessed Father Cutié’s unique ability to bring together his gifts as both preacher and communicator. He shares many of those things in this new book, which offers special insights, research, and food for thought to all of us who are engaged in the craft of preaching in our rapidly changing media age.”—The Right Reverend Leo Frade III, Bishop of Southeast Florida

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