Una historia de la Iglesia Episcopal

Edición en español

Robert Prichard

Nov/2022, 512 Pages, PAPER, 6 x 9

ISBN-13: 9781640655744

"...a lively story of the Episcopal tradition"
—E. Brooks Holifield

A carefully researched history that sets church events against the background of social changes, now available in Spanish. The author has interwoven new content recognizing the diversity of the church and the significance of events and individuals previously less acknowledged.

For church historians, seminarians, and those who have interest in the past, present, and future developments within the Episcopal and broader religious landscape.

Also available in English.


Robert W. Prichard, has been teaching liturgy at Virginia Theological Seminary since 1979. While his primary publications have been in church history, he has contributed occasional articles to journals and collections about the liturgy. Prichard has been a General Convention deputy since 2006 and has twice served on the General Convention's Joint Committee on Liturgy and Music. At the convention of 2015, he served as one of the two secretaries of that body.

Praise for the English Edition:

"Prichard tells a lively story of the Episcopal tradition in America. He brings historical perspective to current debates, underlines the salutary force of creative leadership, and illumines the interplay between theological reflection, liturgical practice, and social change. This is a lucid and brisk account that brings the reader into the inner life of a denomination that has proven to be remarkably resilient. Prichard is both realistic about the challenges and hopeful about the possibilities. I found it engaging and instructive."
—E. Brooks Holifield, Charles Howard Candler Professor, Emeritus
Emory University

"This new expanded edition of the widely used and authoritative A HISTORY OF THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH is a welcome resource for scholars and researchers. Providing thoughtful interpretations and analyses throughout, It’s discussions of race, class, gender and other compelling issues that confronted and confront the denomination make it essential reading for those who seek to understand the complex history of one of the most important religious traditions in the United States."
—The Reverend Professor Alfred Moss, PhD, Department of History, University of Maryland

"Robert Prichard has done the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion a great service by updating his standard history of The Episcopal Church. Additional material has been added, and previous sections revised, to reflect incredible changes in the Anglican world in the past few decades. Writing recent history is a particularly tricky endeavor, and this text manages to cover very complex issues that are still unfolding."
—Thomas Ferguson, Academic dean, Bexley Seabury Seminary

"Esta edición ampliada de la muy usada y autorizada HISTORIA DE LA IGLESIA EPISCOPAL, es un recurso bienvenido por estudiosos e investigadores. Provee interpretaciones y análisis detallados. Su acercamiento a la raza, la clase, el género y otros temas que confrontaron y confrontan a la denominación, lo hacen una lectura esencial para aquellos que buscan entender la compleja historia de uno de las más importantes tradiciones religiosas en los Estados Unidos.”  
—El Reverendo Profesor Alfred Moss, PhD, Departamento de Historia, Universidad de Maryland

"Robert Prichard ha realizado un gran servicio a la Iglesia Episcopal y a la Comunión Anglicana al actualizar su historia de la Iglesia Episcopal. Se han añadido materiales y se han revisado secciones anteriores para reflejar los increíbles cambios en el mundo anglicano en las últimas décadas. Escribir la historia reciente es una tarea particularmente difícil, y este texto logra cubrir los más importantes y complejos elementos que todavía están en desarrollo.”
—Thomas Ferguson, Decano Académico, Seminario Bexley Seabury


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