We Gather at This Table

Anna V. Ostenso Moore, Illustrated by Peter Krueger

May/2020, 48 Pages, HARDCOVER, 8 x 10

ISBN-13: 9781640652521

Explore with children and for yourself why we celebrate the Eucharist

Breaking bread with others is central to our faith. This book is an invitation to learn and wonder about why we worship and celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Although grounded in the Episcopal liturgical tradition, it is an accessible and inviting introduction to worship for children and families of many Christian traditions. While learning what occurs during worship and the Holy Eucharist, readers of all ages will be guided through the sacramental and communal aspects of the celebration and how in the breaking of bread we are called into the world.

The beautiful full-color illustrations reflect the diversity of God's people, and a dedication page encourages personalization. A family section offers questions and suggests ways for all ages to engage in worship and family rituals. Reflecting some of the spirit, beauty, and vocabulary of the Episcopal liturgy, this will be a treasured volume for parents, godparents, grandparents, and other important adults in the life of a child who is wondering about worship.

Audience: Families, godparents, faith formation leaders, clergy

ANNA V. OSTENSO MOORE found the Episcopal Church as a teenager. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese International Studies from Middlebury College and a Master of Arts in Youth Ministry and Theological Education from King’s College, London. She is currently the Associate Priest for Family Ministry at St. Mark’s Cathedral. Her first picture book, Today is a Baptism Day, which she wrote to reflect the beauty of the families with whom she works, is now available.


  • Eucharist
  • sacraments
  • faith formation
  • children
  • picture books

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